Cover up Tattoos

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Best Cover Up Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Cover Up With colorful Butterfly –

Before it looks like a dull heart tattoo and after that it looks a beautiful butterfly Tattoo is ready to fly, the shading with colors of butterfly making it more real and attractive cover tattoo design.

What is the need of cover up tattoos – as you can see above some of the old tattoos starts gonna fade after some or there is a name of you Ex in the tattoo or could be an old design or birthmark or scar

Tattoo Cover up with Star

Reason of Fading of Tattoos – there are some possible reason for fading of permanent tattoo – your tattoo artist could be non professional, you did not care your tattoo in the healing time of tattoo, the ink could be cheap etc.

Tattoo Cover with Skull

What? after fading of tattoo, your EX’s name or tattoo you don’t want to show – There you have two ways hide that tattoo. the one is Cover up Tattoo and the Other is Tattoo Removal

Scar Cover up with Flower Tattoo -

Important question – If complete tattoo removal is possible then why should I go for a Cover up Tattoo ? if you had the same question then you have what is tattoo removal. Tattoo Removal is a process of removing tattoos by laser treatment but this may cost you very higher than a cover up tattoo.

Cover up With Angel Tattoo on Burned Skin –

Tattoo on Scar, is it Safe? - Well, it depends on how old your scar is if it is fresh then, there is no chance, you can get tattoo on it but if it well healed and healthy you can definitely go for a tattoo

Some more Cover Tattoos:-