Best Name Tattoo Designs Ideas

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Name tattoo designs with feather, infinity, smily, 3d, in english, punjabi, hindi.

All of you have heard a statement “What’s in a NAME” at once in life, said by ‘William shakespeare‘. wait, who said that doesn’t Matter

well, William shakespeare lived 500 ago from now this statement could goes right, but in this where we living now, your Name is everything

Name combination with a design will tattoo a new look, you tattoo your name, spouse name, parent’s name would be great. Size & Placing – the common placing of name tattoo is at Wrist, but as the name tattoos are getting in trends lots of people are placing name tattoos at behind the neck, anke, chest, shouder etc according to the proper size, if you want to show love get tattoo on your chest only that person who close to your heart. Getting a Name will always be in Trend go & find Best Tattoo Artist near you and got inked, you can some best tattoos done by Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio :-

Name Tattoos in Punjabi Language

Left {- Manjeet

Priyanka -} Right

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