Tattoo Healing and Aftercare

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Tattoo AfterCare Guide:- A tattoo is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression ever created and it is important to rely on the expert guidance of your tattoo artist for the proper aftercare of your life-long treasure.

A tattoo is a permanent stuff, it may hurt at the beginning but it feels good when we results and it lasts forever. So, don’t be careless at the healing time of the tattoo. its simple you are getting tattoo in modern tattoo studio where you spend your time and money to get a tattoo, then why going cheap in tattoo aftercare product. my advice you to go with the what your tattoo artist says to you about your skin and tattoo.

Here are some Guidelines, Tips, Do’s or Dont’s

Firstly, you have to follow what your tattoo Artist says :-There are different types of tattoo aftercare guide according to your skin, size and placement. After your tattoo done, your tattoo will be bandaged by Tattoo Artist or by their assistant. So, the first thing came to your tattoo aftercare is BANDAGING

Tattoo Bandage

Tattoo will look like this, after bandaging. your tattoo artist will guide remove the bandage after 1 to 2 hours. if the gauze stick with the skin ( only in rear case ) then not to worry simply just soak it with the cold water until the wrap loosens then you can easily remove it. Once, your tattoo unwraps wash your tattoo with clean water ( drinking water prefered ). then, clean it with clean tissue paper , Don’t use rough cloth for this.

Vitamin A and D Ointement for Tattoos :

After removing bandage and clean the tattoo, tattoo artist at Angel Tattoo Design Studio prefer A & D Ointment to apply gently on the tattoo. this the product we import from U.S.A. made specially for tattoos. and apply this three times in a day and repeat process for 7 to 10 days until the scabs will came out, Don’t remove the Scabs yourself, it may harm your tattoo.

Cam Original TatWax for Tattoos :

We Recommend Tatwax by Cam for using after the deadskin comes out naturaly, tatwax is a smoothing balm that provides your tattoo a very atrractive look. Tatwax consist indredients like :- Glycerin, Isododecane, Vitis Vinifera, Vitamin A Palmitate, Seed butter, Seed Oil, Leaf Oil, Coconut Oil, Leaf Juice, Leaf Extract etc. All these ingredients are good for fresh and old tattoos as well. this product helps to mosturise your skin and tattoo.

Some Don’t, when your Tattoo Under Healing :-

  • Don’t remove the Scabs ( dead skin ) yourself. let it be natural
  • Don’t Lift Too much weight, if tattoo is on your arm & avoid gym while tattoo under healing
  • Don’t let your tattoo get dirty, polluted and cover it from direct sun light
  • Don’t let you tattoo hit by anything ( Specially Sharp pointed )
  • Don’t Re-bandage your Tattoo

There are more things to care about our tattoo. so, stay in touch with tattoo artist or Simply, call the tattoo artist if you have any concern or question. don’t do anything at your own

Please Visit our Tattoo After-Care Page for Detailed Tattoo Aftercare Guide