Cost of learning permanent tattoo making

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - Main Branch Near IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon.

Tattoo Training Fee :

Tattoo training fee changes from tattoo school to school. Also you will need to check what all in included in total package offered by tattoo center - institute/ artist for training you tattoo making.

Tattoo Training Fee

At Angel Tattoo Design Studio, you can avail complete tattoo learning course at fee of INR 60’000* (course fee year 2017), duration 2 month**

Total package cost/fee of Rs 60’000 INR is included of :

Basic tattoo learning kit which student will need to practice to make tattoos on artificial skin.

Tattoo training fee include artificial skins student will need to practice

Cost of making 5 small size tattoo which student will make using all facilities the institute.

Guidance by well experienced tattoo artists throughout the tattoo course. Please visit our main website page for details of our tattoo training techniques/classes

Knowledge about body piercings and Temporary tattoo making

Tattoo Training Certificate.

  • * Tattoo Training cost is subject to change with time. So please visit our main website for latest training cost/package
  • ** Duration of tattoo training is negotiable and is subject to number of classes attended in a month.

For more information about tattoo training please visit TATTOO TRAINING PAGE