Body Piercing

Angel Tattoo Design Studio - Main Branch Near IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon.

At Angel Tattoo Design Studio, we provide professional Piercing services in Gurgaon

We are specialised into Ear piercing, Nose (nostril) piercing and Naval/ Belly button piercing. We use latest piercing tecniques for comfortable experience of our clients during and post piercing. Piercing Jewelry specially designed for fresh piercing( made out of 316-L surgical steel) is used. Once piercing is healed, customer can go for any piercing jewelry per individuals choice. Whole body piercing process is done wearing disposable surgical gloves, all apparatus used during process is of one time use only.

Piercing Prices : Gurgaon (2019) - Earlobe = Rs 400 for one ear, Rs 800 for both ear ; Nose = Rs 1000 ; Naval = Rs 2000. These prices are including jewelry. For nose and naval piercing we also provide after care ointment. No additioanl charges for after care.

1. Body Piercing After Care :

Piercing After care may change from person to person, depending on many things like body part been pierced, individuals life style, health condition, schedule in coming few days etc.. So it is important to stick with the piercing care instructions as advised by your piercer. Below are some general guidelines which can be considered as informative purpose.

2. What Not to do :

Do not touch your body piercing until unless its really important. And make sure to wash your hands thoroughly prior touching your piercing.

Do not change the jewelry which piercer has used till your piercing is not healed properly. Healing period varies hugly depending upon body part. Also each body is unique, so healing time varies from person to person also.

Avoid pollution, dust and sweat. In case of ear piercing, make sure pillow covers are fresh. Also for ear piercing, take care when changing cloths. Tight Round neck cloths can cause hurt.

Do not apply any kind of antiseptic medicine or ointment like beta dine, oil etc.. without consulting with your piercer or doctor. Keeping Piercing clean is enough (except oral piercing) for our body to heal it naturally.

Avoid alcohol, extra working hours, stress, swimming, beauty treatment or products near piercing.

Do not force to rotate the jewelry in piercing. It takes time for jewelry to become free in the piercing.

Do not let your hears to cover your fresh ear piercing.

Do not remove the jewelry even after piercing is healed. Even healed piercing can close in few days. So it is important to wear some or other jewelry if you want to keep your piercing.

Do not go for Naval piercing if planning for pregnancy.

3. What to do :

For initial 2-3 days little swelling, bleeding is normal. Just keep your piercing clean by washing it once or twice a day with lukewarm water with antiseptic solution (savlon etc.) or even antiseptic soap used with drinking quality water is good enough to wash fresh piercing. In case you are using antiseptic soap, wash piercing only for 30 sec to 1 min, and rinse it thoroughly with drinking water. Pat dry the piercing with tissue paper and let it dry.

Keep washing your piercing once to twice a day till the time it is not healed properly.

Keep your piercing covered with comfortable cotton cloths when going in market, public places etc and expose it to fresh air when you are at home or office as much as possible.

Keep piercing body part as dry as possible.

Always use good quality jewelry (especially when changing it for the first time). 316-L surgical Steel or titanium jewelries are good and has minimal chances to react with human skin.

Discharge of whitish-yellow fluid, little bleeding, discoloration, itching in initial days is normal, but if any of these stay for long time or re-occur, then do contact with your piercer.

Piercing done by our Artists: