Free Tattoo Designs

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Please Note This Designs are Just for Reference / Guidance Purpose. We have a huge design library in our studio and can work / show designs on your visit.

Dragon Tattoo Design :

Dragons are mythological creatures, which are both beautiful and fearsome. Dragon designs and their meanings differ from culture to culture, like Japanese dragon, Chinese dragon, tribal dragon.. Mainly dragon tattoos symbolize power. family, protection of home and family, longevity. They also represent good luck.

Eagle Tattoo Design :

In general, eagle tattoos are said to be a symbol of strength, independence and fearlessness. An eagle can wait and watch its target for long time, even for days, but when eagle attack, it attacks with its full power and thrust. The american eagle tattoos are symbol of honor, patriotism and spirtual growth. If you feel your personality matches with eagles qualities, you should consider for an eagle tattoo

Barbwire Tattoo :

concept of barbwire tattoos is derived from the crown of throns which Jesus was made to wear before being curcified. It is a symbol of strength and faith in the power of the almighty. This tattoo also means that person has seen much hardness in the life and has been able to withstand all hurdles and pain because of his/her faith in God

Phoenix Tattoo :

Phoenix is one of the most meaningful tattoo. Phoenix tattoo stands for resurrection. Phoenix bird is the only creature that takes birth from its own ashes. So it represents rebirth or a new beginning which is derived from the ashes of the past. Phoenix tattoos also stand for renewal, winning over difficulties.

Lion Tattoo :

Lion means a mark of Royalty. Lion is also a symbol of authority, victory, fortitude, pride, strength, courage, justice, protection, fairness, cunning and a divine solar power. So many good reasons for one to go with a lion tattoo ! Lion also represent one of the twelve Zodiac sign, the leo

Butterfly tattoo :

Butterfly tattoo design for ankle and waist. Butterfly tattoos primarily stands for "Beauty and grace". The delicate beauty give this tattoo a very feminine look. Secondly, as the butterfly begins it's life as a caterpillar, and goes through lot of changes to turn into a beautiful living being, hence it becomes a symbol of of "change and metamorphosis".

Tribal design :

Tribal design for bicep and forearm. Such patterns of tattoos were usually done on warriors.To know about Tribal Tattoo Designs meaning, definition and uses, please visit page Blog and read blog dtd 11/15/2012

Bull Tattoo Design :

It mainly represents Aggressiveness and strength as a bull has both in immense. Bull is also seen as a strong protector, guardian. In hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva is always accompanied by a bull, which stand for justice. It also sexual energy and virility.

Dove Tattoo Design :

Dove stands for peace, hope and love(love for society). Dove tattoos also represents the journey of a person from earth to heaven.

Lotus Tattoo Design :

Lotus tattoos designs are for both men and women. We find references of lotus in hindusim as well as buddhism. It is belived that Lord Brahma was born of a lotus blossom. In buddhism, lotus represents the Lord Buddha's nature. According to ancient Egyptian culture, lotu

Nautical Star :

Nautical stars were used by sailors to show their love for their life at sea. Nautical star also represent hope and faith.

Heart wings tattoo design :

Firstly it stands for love as heart is an universal symbol of love. Heart with wings shows that you think your beloved as an angle. Secondly heart with wings also symbolize "freedom", "free spiritual nature", freedom from certain things like addiction or bad habits, freedom in love, love for freedom. Also heart with wings is a form of memorial tattoo designs. Wings represents angel, and a tattoo heart with wings symbolize that the beloved one is carried to heaven by the angels.

Peacock Tattoo Design :

One of the most eye-pleasing feminine tattoo ! This tattoo represents Integrity. External beauty of the bird is associated with the inner beauty of human beings. Noble, religious, patient, compassionate and truthfulness are some attributes associated with purity of mind. Peacock is also a symbol of Royalty.

Energy ball tibal for Bk neck & shoulder :

It is belived that round tribal designs helps our body to retrieve energy from universe. To know about Tribal Tattoo Designs meaning, definition and uses, please visit page Blog and read blog dtd 11/15/2012