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Permanent Tattoo Aftercare may vary from person to person depending upon indviduals life style, size of Tattoo, placement of Tattoo, Tattoo Design, Skin type etc. So it is important for you to stick with instructions as provided by your Tattoo artist. Here are general guidelines which can be considered for informative purpose :

step 1 - Remove the bandage from Tattoo after 1 hour.

step 2 - Wash your tattoo with room temperature drinking quality water.

step 3 - Lightly tap the Tattoo with tissue paper and let it dry for 10 minutes.

step 4 - Apply very light coating of A&D Oitment 3 times a day for next 7 days (A&D Ointment will be given to you).

step 5 - Scabs will form during healing. Do not rub, pick or scratch the scabs.

step 6 - Once healed, keep applying some good tattoo aftercare product twice a day for next 45 days.

step 7 - Avoid Water, Gym, Spa, Direct Sunlight and Pollution during healing process.

Here is a brief detail about Tattoo After Care and Tattoo Healing

For beginners or people we have no clue about tattoo healing, think a permanent tattoo like a minor scratch we got on our skin(am sure we all have/had experience of small wound/scratch). And you have to take care of your tattoo in exactly the same way as we take care of a minor scratch. Human body has natural healing power, so it heals the tattoo same way as a minor scratch.

Human skin has main 3 layers : Outermost is 'Epidermis', second 'Dermis' and innermost is 'Hypodermis'

Permanent tattoos are made by inserting the ink into second layer of our skin, thats Dermis. As needles has to puncture the Epi-dermis many thousand time to insert the ink in Dermis, so outermost layer takes shape of scabs and our body replace it with a New, Healthy Epidermis. It takes nearly 45 days to complete this process.

Tattoo Bandage

Its important to cover your freshly made tattoo for initial few hours as skin pores are open and needs some time to get settle, so this is the most important time to prevent any kind of dust, pollution etc. and tattoo bandage does this job perfectly !

As artists guide to their customers that just like any other field, there is a lot advancement in the filed of tattooing as well. We have latest technology, machines, needles, inks and further improving at fast rate. Special tattoo bandages and tattoo after care products are available now in India also (will discuss about special after care products later in this page) Special tattoo bandages are available with little extra cost which do not prevent breathing, soak the liquid of fresh tattoo and one can keep the bandage for even upto 24 hours against traditional polyfilm bandage which is important to be removed after 3-4 hours.

Washing Your Fresh Tattoo

As advised, you will have to wash your tattoo, and first washing is the most important washing. Also we suggest to perform first washing at the time when you can rest at home/place and have no tight schedule to got to public places, market etc.

Remove the bandage carefully. Take drinking quality water (you can add some antiseptic (dettol, savlon) solution) and wash your tattoo with your finger tips thoroughly. Tips: - Not to forget sanitize your hands prior washing tattoo. If its winter season, you can make first washing with Luke warm water

Soak your tattoo with tissue paper. Do not use cotton or towel as fiber, lint can go to tattoo which we can not even see with naked eyes. So paper based tissue paper is the best to use, and it is available easily.

let your tattoo dry for few minutes, and apply very light layer of tattoo after care product like Tat Wax, Tattoo Goo, After Ink etc.. Tattoo after cares are specially designed for tattoo healing which really help in (1) fast healing of tattoo (2) do not clog the skin pores and avoid skin breathing like petroleum jelly (3) do not make skin oily (4) helps in enhancing the colors and add life to the tattoo. Also different products are meant for different skin and season, like if a person has a dry skin, should be advised different after care product against one with oily skin. Your artist will guide you based on his experience.

Repeat washing 3-4 times/day for next 3 days. From 4th day, no need to wash tattoo as you will feel the skin becoming stiff, like scabs, just keep applying after care products 3-4 times a day (Tips : You would be the best person to decide if you need to wash your tattoo even after 3 days, and go ahead if you feel so, especially if you have outdoor day, or had to sweat or stay in pollution for long time).

It will take approx 5 to 10 days for scabs to come out from your tattoo. Let scabs come out naturally and do not pick or scratch scabs. Once scabs come out completely, you can have bath, wash your tattoo like normally. At this stage, your tattoo will not look so clear, nothing to worry, this is not your actual tattoo as skin is yet under healing. Keep applying aftercare product for next 30 to 35 days, 3 times a day. You will see colors coming bright and tattoo coming more clear in few days.


Even once your tattoo is healed completely (45 days), do not leave your tattoo dry. Keep applying some body moisturizer on it for rest on your life. As more we take care of our skin, more it glow, and tattoo is again a skin only.

Avoid direct sun light on tattoo, or apply so sunscreen in case you are planning a day on beach of have to be out in sun for long

Stay in touch with your tattoo artist during whole tattoo healing process as after care advised on day one may needs to change per individual healing process. If possible, visit your artist during healing so that he/she can see it and guide you further more. A responsible artist will always guide you good during whole healing process.

Avoid alcohol prior/post your tattoo.

Eat food before getting tattoo. And chose a day/time when you don't have very busy schedule for next 24 hours

Little reddishness, pain, swelling, burning is normal even upto 24 hours after tattoo. It should gradually go down in next 24 hours. Contact you artist if you still feel abnormal swelling, pain or reddishness even after 24 hours.

Keep your tattoo as clean as possible for first 1 week. avoid public places, gym, swimming etc.

Do not let hears to cover your fresh tattoo.

Do not sleep on your tattoo till you can see scabs on it.

Expose your tattoo to fresh air when at home or office, and cover it with comfortable cotton cloths when going out

Walk less if you have got tattoo on ankle/leg

In case you have tattoo on back neck, remove labels of T-shirt, blouse etc as they are made out of polyester and can cause scratches on fresh tattoo

In case special Tattoo After Care products are not available for any reason, you can use A&D Ointment on your tattoo for 7-10 days, and then can use some Baby oil, Olive Oil or even a body moisturizing lotion.

Last and most important, listen to your artist as there are many more things for after care depending on individual's case

(This page is contributed by Tattoo Artist Satty)

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