Angel Tattoo Design Studio - Main Branch Near IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon.

Angel Tattoo Design Studio:- is giving tattoo services at international lavel, Hygiene and Advance Services in Tattoos Since Year 2008. Angel Tattoo Design Studio is now functional at its Main Branch in Gurgaon. At Gurgaon tattoo studio we have facilities for Permanent Tattoos with very Experienced Staff and tattoo artist like Satty. We do Temporary Tattoos with air brush technology we also temporary tattoo stencil maker that you make your choice temporary tattoos. Body Piercings Facilities is also available at tattoo studio in gurgaon. Including of tattoo related service we also provide Tattoo Training Courses on classes basis. so, that you can come and learn how to make Permanent Tattoos and make you carrier in tattooing. :-

Permanent Tattoos:-

Angel Tattoo Design Studio is best known for their Permanent Tattoos and Tattoo quality. with 8 years of experience in tattooing, Satty is now one of the best tattoo artist in india - delhi - gurgaon. In past 8 years Satty has done some awesome tattoos in our tattoo studio in Delhi and Gurgaon. you can see some tattoos done by Satty below :-

-----------------------------------------------------Cover Up Tattoos-------------------------------------------------

Temporary Tattoos:-

Tattoo Training Classes/Course –

Satty at Angel Tattoo Design Studio is giving tattoo training since 2012. Angel Tattoo Design Studio have trained many students in tattoo and all of them are doing great tattoo business. We also trained students from other countries. Angel Tattoo design Studio is the best tattoo training provider in gurgaon. please visit our official website www.tattooinindia.com/tattoo-training or call 08826602967 for any information on tattoo making classes. See below photos of tattoo trainees in tattoo studio in gurgaon :-

Body Piercings –

In our Tattoo and Piercing Studio in gurgaon we do body piercings with latest method. we do body piercings on APP (Association of Professional Piercers) basis all materials in body piercings are pre sterilized and pre pack. we provide different kind of body piercing are mentioned below :-

All Above Zodiac signs are based on English Calendar. But in some origins and religion Zodiac Signs are Based on Name Like in Hindu Religion. These Zodiac by name are explained below :-

Body Piercings

Basic Earlobe Piercings

Helix Piercings

Tragus Piercings

Anti-Tragus Piercings

Industrial Piercings

Navel Piercings

Toungue Piercings

EyeBrow Piercings

Labret Piercings

Lowbrad Piercings


Bridge Piercings

Septum Piercings

Surface Piercings

Gauge Piercings and other Major Piercings