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ArmBand Tattoos are one the most popular kind of tattoo. Tribal Arm Band Tattoos are always in trends, these Tattoos are most popular in youngsters after the Bollywood Movie Student of the year, where Varun Dhawan having a arm band tattoo on his right Arm.

Celtic Armband tattoos - Using celtic design to make an armband tattoo is a good idea. This can result in a unique tattoo design. Here you can see an example of this kind of armband tattoo done by tattoo artist in gurgaon.

Maori Design Armband Tattoo - Moari is one of the most ancient and popular tattoo design category and when it comes with the new tattoo trend of armbands in tattooing they looks so awesomely good.

Barbed wire armband tattoo is the sign of struggle, pain and strength. It shows how one moved forward with stretch through difficult time in past. It also results a nice tattoo design. Getting a name with armband tattoo is also a good concept. here you can see the example of name with armband Tattoo, done by me at Angel Tattoo Design studio.

While selecting a design of armband, try to select an accurate stencil available in the collection. This is when you are selecting the design randomly. It you are liking design in the tattoo form, then it is suggested to approach the artist in advance and give him time to draw the design rather than making the stencil from picture of tattoo. You find tattoo stencil by searching on google - armband tattoo template. or search in the collection of tattoo studio. but if you cant find the exact tattoo template you can request the to make the same tattoo design for you and execute it into the tattoo.

Here is an example of tattoo made by me where i made a pencil drawing of this design, showed it to the client, made some changes per discussion and then executed this tattoo.

Our artist Satty did this armband tattoo recently, with angry tiger in the front side of armband and covering five black strips with different width all around the forearm.

Cool arm band tattoo with black square lining filled upper side of band and in between the name of son and daughter in it. he also added two crowns with names. below down the tattoo there is a triangle shaped band all around the forearm.

Here are some design options I made in sketch form as per our client's requirements :-

This client of us was looking for custom armband tattoo design where is showed his interest in tattoo with theme related to ocean and visiting all around the world through ocean. With his family had history of working in Indian Navy, this gave him reason to keep his armband tattoo with water theme. In this sketch, we made an option of armband with compass, and an arrow crossing over the glob.

This is second out of three options to opt which represents leisure of enjoying of ocean waves and getting it tattooed in the form of a band on forearm.

Third option where we replaced the compass with a ship and arrow with a rope from first option. So this is how we can work on options with some little changes when we sit with our client and discuss the thoughts and requirement.

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