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At Angel Tattoo Design Studio, we have facility/capacity for batch of 4 students at one time. So please check with us and book yourself in advance if you are looking for Tattoo Training courses in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida-India.

We also believe that one can not make other an artist, but there are step to step guidelines, methods, technical appproach and many hidden secrets about tattooing which we can help our students to follow right path. There are lot many details which we cover during tattoo course, few things students learn just by their presence in the studio, so its not possible to explain on paper what whole package will cover. Here is a outline which you can go through just for some informative purpose.  For more details, we would prefer you to visit our studio and discuss in detail :

Tattoo/Piercing Training Training course :-  

Cost Rs 1,50000,
Duration : 3 Months, But student keeps in touch with our artist even when starts working individually as many question arises with time only.  

Training Programme includes :

a) Tattoo Kit - 2 coil based fully auto Machines, 1 Power Supply, 1 Clip cord, 1 Foot Paddel, 30 Needles, Artificial Skins(as many as you need during training), Practice Ink, 50 Ink Cups, 1 Ink cup tray, 2 Grips, 2 Grip Extensions, 4 Nibs, hactograph sheets, Alan Key, 5 A&D Ointments, Gourmets 

b) Tattoo Training (Basic to Advance Tattooing) which will cover :

- History and various methods of tattooing.
- Machine types, machine parts and machine assembling.
- Different types of needles and their uses.
- Stencil making techniques and practice using hectograph sheet.
- Detail of human skin structure and role of different layers in tattooing.
- Machine settings for different operations.
- Lining practice on artificial skin.
- Coloring practice on artificial skin.
- Shading practice on artificial skin.
- After satisfactory results on artificial skin, trainee will be allowed to make small tattoos in presence of our artist (5 tattoos total) in our studio. These will be free of cost tattoos and trainees will needs to arrange willing person for free trial tattoos. 
- Sterilization of equipments and it's importance.
- Safety hazards, precautions to be taken in tattoo studio.
- Detail of possible communicable diseases and precautions.
- Tattoo after care
- Detail of other stuff used in studio like Autoclave, UV Chamber, Green Soap etc..
- Free hand sketching and design customization.
- Finding, Creating design reference.
- Use of texture, light source, colors, line thickness, shadow, shading, 3D effect.
- Flow of design per human body.
- And many more other topics like - Skin Stretch, Tattoo healing, Legal matters and precautions, customer dealing, setting up studio, taking care of equipments.


c) Body Piercing Training :

 earlobe, conch, helix, tragus, anti-tragus, industrial, cartilage, tongue, nostril, septum, lip, labret, navel, nipple, eyebrow

d)  On successful completion of training, a complimentary Professional website to promote your business.

e) Training Certificate. 

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